Our History

Founded in 1988 by Robin E. Orman AHC

Our philosophy is to offer the best sales experience and customer support in the industry. We develop strong and lasting relationships with our customers and factories and build a dedicated and professional sales organization by working with our distributors and training the dealers. We start with understanding our clients' business objectives, thorough research, and careful planning. We implement each plan with purpose, responsible cost management, and measureable results achieved. In today's economic climate, every dollar spent on marketing must be assessed against the results anticipated and the results achieved. We have over 25 years of experience, and are disciplined to be diligent in insuring each and every dollar spent is not only worthwhile, but spent most cost effectively. We believe that the best way for our clients to be successful and rise above their competition is through efficient marketing. Our goal is to create and implement effective marketing strategies for great ideas to become real, and expose our clients to the masses.